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FitnessWellnessMind is trauma informed holistic healing guidance from intuitive energy worker Caitlin.

In the world we live in we are taught to be deeply disconnected from ourselves and our bodies to perpetuate harmful systems. I believe that healing the world starts with healing ourselves and our healing comes in waves and layers throughout our lives. It isn’t a system of hierarchy but culmination of our experience on Earth. I act as a support and guide through the process of self care and connecting more deeply with ourselves.

Almost all of us in life experience trauma whether it’s shock trauma through a one time event/situation or whether it’s relational trauma that can happen slowly often in relation to our caregivers growing up. Often when we think of trauma we think it must be something big like war, physical/sexual abuse, and loss. But trauma is so complex and can be something subtle and insidious like being told as a child you were too sensitive or needed to watch your weight repeatedly. The outer world cannot define trauma for you, your body decides what is traumatic for you and it is valid, whatever that may be.

So often we are looked at in small pieces instead of as a whole for who we are but our wellness and self love encompasses all areas of our lives. I work within how people treat themselves by looking at our thought processes, habits, and core wounds. All while incorporating body movement and energy work to create embodiment and somatic processing to release stuck unhealed energy/trauma, allowing us to deeply reconnect with ourselves.

Working primarily with women (this includes trans women), non-binary, gender-non-conforming, and gender expansive people I create a space to embody self care to work on the deeper parts of ourselves that are calling for healing. Starting first and foremost with the self because the thoughts and beliefs we hold and where our nervous system is dictates how we move through the world around us and connect to community.

My offerings are done through various methods and outlets such as wellness guidance that is woven with body movement, connection to nature, and energy work as well as being a support system for your own self growth and healing journey. This can include things such as inner child work, shadow work, core wound identification, and more. You are the creator of your own journey and we listen to your bodies innate wisdom to guide our sessions so that you’re tuning into whatever you are being called to in the moment versus sticking to a rigid structure that may not serve you in the moment.

Some of what I offer, separate from wellness guidance but also in relation to our wellness are moon phase teachings, energy and tarot readings, meditation, self love portraits, cyclical living workbooks and calendars, yoga (as a spiritual practice), reiki, and more. Some of these things can be woven into the wellness guidance to amplify your journey.

For in depth knowledge please read the offerings page and follow events on Eventbrite.


FitnessWellnessMind’s values are the same as Caitlin’s personal values since the offerings she brings forth are steeped in their energy, knowledge, and lens.

Body autonomy is a cornerstone of FitnessWellnessMind. You always have the right to decide what is best for your mind, body, and spirit. FitnessWellnessMind accepts all people. And any guidance is just that: guidance. You are the curator of your own life and no one will know what is right or best for you, except you. Trust your intuition and respect your boundaries.

Transparency and vulnerability are how Caitlin lives their life, and are pivotal pieces of having self awareness to be able to do the work on your healing and self growth journey. Caitlin talks openly about the trauma and difficulties they’ve faced and seek to create a space where others feel they’re able to be vulnerable with her. What Caitlin brings to the world comes from transparency. Especially when something involves your mental health and well-being, it’s important you have transparency from those helping you on your journey.

Community instead of competition is a mindset always held by Caitlin and FitnessWellnessMind. Competition in its roots comes from supremacy and thinking you need to be above others, better-than, or that you are more deserving of something. It is this same insidious mindset that perpetuates oppressive systems so that only few people can live the life they want. Instead, this space and offerings are all about community. When we see each other as equals and as extensions of ourselves, we are able to empower and celebrate one another and build stronger community. It is in community that we create a more loving, nurturing, and empathetic world.

Continued professional and personal development is something that is very important because there is always more to learn. There are always ways to do better. For this reason, Caitlin dedicates 1 hour a work day (if not more) to her continued professional development and doing better by the world around her. This includes things such as: anti-racism and decolonization learning so that offerings aren’t coming from a white supremacy or appropriation basis. As well as updating and furthering their understanding of things like trauma, inner child work, neuroplasticity, and more.

FitnessWellnessMind deeply believes in Landback, Every Child Matters, Black Lives Matter, Trans Lives Matter, Queer Lives Matter, and all bodies and brains are beautiful. Caitlin’s learning and unlearning as a white person/colonial settler is never ending and she is dedicated to continue to do better by others and working hard so that their practices aren’t harmful to others.

If you’re BIPOC you receive 15% off all offerings as a recognition of the stolen land Caitlin resides on/creates offerings from as well as a form of reparations. Part of FitnessWellnessMind and Caitlin’s other businesses annual profits are donated to Black and Indigenous led organizations at the end of the year. 2021’s donation went to IRSSS (Indian Residential School Survivors Society).

Evolution and Rebirth

FitnessWellnessMind was created in 2014, and while the name remains the same, it has evolved and changed since then. The name FitnessWellnessMind was another way to say mind, body, spirit. Since it’s creation I recognize the toxicity that can exist in fitness and wellness spaces. I decided to keep the name instead of starting from scratch and hope that people take the time to know me and my business and recognize it does not stand for the problematic areas of these industries.

I started coaching after studying sports nutrition, sharing my own fitness journey/love of movement, and encouraging body positivity (hence the word fitness used for body). But despite thinking I had come past fatphobia the reality is, there was so much more deeply ingrained behaviours of it I still had to unlearn and heal from. This is something I am still working on. 

The term “coach” has never felt right to me but it seemed to be the easiest word for others to understand what I do, other than the word teacher. Both felt fake, corporate, and based in superiority of “knowing better”. It wasn’t authentic or in alignment with me or what I wanted to share with the world.

Initially I offered fitness coaching sessions and wellness sessions. But I found so much toxicity and fatphobia in the fitness spaces I removed fitness coaching as an offering. I also noticed that this mindset that each area had to be looked at separately was something I had to unlearn. Since then, I have changed the way I work with people to be holistic. Now instead of “fitness” my guidance moves with our physical form through body movement, energy work, and spiritual practice. Moving away from compartmentalized wellness and into alignment and holistic embodiment.

My title and offerings evolved from fitness/wellness coaching, to wellness coaching, to where it is now which is wellness guidance. You can read more about what wellness guidance means to me here.

What it’s not

FitnessWellnessMind does not support or promote self harming behaviour, which includes fad diets and eating disorders such as fasting and binge eating. I personally have experienced an eating disorder and if this is something you’re experiencing it’s important to seek support from an ED specialist. Please visit the resources [coming soon], if needed.

It’s not based in toxic fitness culture based around fatphobia and the ideology that you have to change your body or be skinny to be beautiful, worthy, or good enough to deserve proper health care, respect, and love. You can read more about fatphobia on the glossary page [coming soon]. I highly recommend the book The Body Is Not An Apology: The Power of Radical Self Love by Sonya Renee Taylor if you’re starting out on your journey of unlearning fatphobia.

It’s not for white washed yoga that is about a fitness class/cultural appropriation of a spiritual belief system that is a way of life beyond physical movement. You can read more about my yoga teaching here. Westernized “yoga” is āsana, one of the eight limbs (Ashtanga) of yoga and often does not honour the roots or true spiritual practice that yoga is. Because I am committed to ensuring that what I bring forth isn’t appropriation but deep appreciation, I do not teach when I feel I am out of alignment with Ashtanga and not living to the responsibilities I promised to in my certification.

It’s not a place for discrimination of any kind. Please read the community guidelines I have in place. I always teach and guide from the belief that all humans deserve human rights. I am consistently working in decolonizing my way of living/thinking, I practice and continue to learn anti-racism, and I am always trying to learn ways I can be more inclusive. Currently I am learning ASL in hopes to be able to sign my offerings for the deaf community and those with auditory processing difficulties like me. While something can’t always be inclusive to everyone, I strive that no one feels discriminated against and I am always open to hear ways I could be more inclusive.

It does support cultural appropriation/harming the environment in spiritual practice. I try my very best to not fall into the toxic white supremacy based spirituality. Examples are things such as: using sage and palo santo, charging money for meditation, using dream catchers, etc.

It does not support trans-exclusionary or BIPOC exclusionary feminism. Recognizing privileges we hold, and understanding the various intersectionality of oppressions someone can hold is paramount to our understanding, compassion, and an equitable world. In the famous words of Marsha P. Johnson “No [liberation] for some of us without liberation for all of us”.


If you see a way where I could do better to be inclusive and a more welcoming space, please reach out to me at fitnesswellnessmind@gmail.com.

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