Card Readings

As someone who has found deep connection and teachings from tarot and oracle decks, I have chosen to pass on that gift to others.

Tarot is a special form of reading energy that has played a great part in my life. It is from my experience with tarot that I decided to learn to read it myself as one of the methods I work with energy and continue to offer it to others.

My readings focus on the positive. While challenging cards may arise, you’re always offered “resolution” cards so you are given guidance as to how that challenge will likely be worked through. I do not interpret the directionality of a card (if the card is upside down, I do not read it differently). Cards that are notoriously feared are explained in understandable constructive ways. For example people often get scared to have death in their reading, my interpretation of this card is transformation/change, not literal death.

As someone who is new to reading, I currently offer my readings for individuals at discounted rates as I train. This means there could be a few stumbles along the way, or it may mean I reference notes some times.

I offer readings from 5 different decks. Three of the decks are tarot decks; Osho Zen Tarot, Soul Cards, and Cat Tarot. The remaining two decks are oracle cards; The Moon Deck and A Yogic Path. You get to choose which deck you’d like me to use. Details of each one can be found below.

Reading Types

Tarot readings are offered in 5 different styles:
Full readings in the Celtic cross alignment which consists of a 1 hour reading where 10 cards are pulled. Offered in person in downtown Vancouver or online via Zoom.
Custom arrangements which consist of a 1 hour reading where 10 cards are pulled. Offered in person in downtown Vancouver or online via Zoom.
↠ Half readings in the diamond alignment which consists of a 30 minutes reading where 5 cards are pulled. Offered in person in downtown Vancouver or online via Zoom.
↠ Smaller readings such as three cards for past, present, and future. Offered online only via Instagram Video Call (or alternative).
Single card pulls are available. Offered online only via Instagram Video Call (or alternative).

Not sure which one you’re looking for? Fill out the booking form and I can help you figure out what would be best for your current needs.

Oracle deck readings are offered in 2 different styles:

Three card pull. Offered online only via Instagram Video Call (or alternative).
Single card pull. Offered online only via Instagram Video Call (or alternative).

I offer readings both in person and online. In person readings are important because it allows your energy flow through the cards through your own hands. It’s more likely to be a stronger reading. During online readings I channel your energy to read the cards. This requires you to have an open mind and a willingness to allow me in your energetic space.

The Decks

Osho Zen Tarot Deck

This deck is the one I personally have received all tarot readings within. It was gifted to me from my tarot card reader that I’ve had since a teenager because she felt I would have a gift with reading.

This is a beautiful deck based in the zen teachings of Osho. “In Osho’s words, [zen] is the capacity not to worship buddhas but to become a buddha; not to follow others but to develop the awareness within that brings a quality of light and love to all that we do.”…”[The deck} is dedicated to the buddha within each and every one of us.”

Osho Zen Tarot does not follow the names of the traditional tarot cards. Instead it demonstrates the same symbolism with beautiful colourful imagery. This deck includes an extra card that transcends the typical 78 and each of the four suits are represented by elements – water (emotions), fire (actions), clouds (wind – mind), and rainbows (earth – material).

Soul Cards (Tarot)

This subtle and stunning deck features golden icon imagery against matte black to represent the traditional/modern tarot. While the back of the cards feature aged flowers.

“Created to elevate your daily rituals”, this deck is refined to bring the symbolism of each card forward.

Cat Tarot

This deck (you guessed it) is all about cats. It uses comical and playful cat imagery to relate to the traditional/modern tarot.

“For generations, humans have looked to cats for guidance on the best way to live one’s life. From finding the warmest spots to sleep in to knowing exactly when to kick the food bowl over in the morning, cats seem to have all the answers. It’s no surprise that Egyptians once worshipped cats. Use this deck to tap into the ancient instinctual wisdom, find the feline way forward, and decide what to do when problems arise along the way.”

The Moon Deck (Oracle)

“This oracle set is inspired by the cyclical nature of the moon and the inherent wisdom of the feminine, created to foster healing for our collective community”. The deck features beautiful art work accompanied by a sentence to represent the meaning of each card. Within the guidebook each card also has a practice to help embody the message coming through.

“May The Moon Deck heighten your intuition, awaken your creative spirit, illuminate your beauty, magnify your magic, create community, and connect you to the potent power of your intentions.”

A Yogic Path (Oracle)

This deck is organized into five categories: Vedic, Spirituality, Yoga, Ayurveda, the Chakras, and the सनातन धर्म (Sanātana Dharma) Deities. It holds beautiful imagery of spiritual teachings, practices, and beliefs.

“These cards have arrived to guide you on your path toward enlightenment, or, in other words, your journey toward remembering who you are. Each card represents an aspect of yourself, as bright as the sun or as dark as the shadow.”

Current Pricing

Tarot Reading

Celtic Cross (10 card spread) ↠ $35 (1 hour)
Custom Arrangement (10 card spread) ↠ $35 (1 hour)
Diamond Alignment (5 card spread) ↠ $25 (30 minutes)
Three Card Pull (3 card spread) ↠ $15 (15 minutes)
Single Card Pull (1 card pull) ↠ $5 (5 minutes)

Please note that these are discounted prices while I am learning. Because I am a newer reader, it may not be as fluid as other readings you’ve had. I may also refer to notes and/or read you portions of the card explanations.

In person readings can be paid upon meeting (before the reading begins) in cash, via e-transfer (if you’re in Canada), or via credit card (whether PayPal processed before the reading or through Square before the reading begins). All online payment methods must be received prior to 48 hours before your appointment.

Oracle Card Pull

Three Card Pull ↠ $15 (this includes 15 minutes)
Single Card Pull ↠ $5 (this includes 5 minutes)

Payment in full is required beforehand for online sessions via e-transfer (Canada only) or PayPal. This is due once a reading date/time has been confirmed. If payment isn’t received prior to 48 hours before your appointment, it is automatically cancelled.

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