Community Commitment

My Purpose

To help others on their journeys of self care, healing, alignment, and embodiment so that the world as a whole can evolve.

My Intention

To create a place for embodiment, care, and healing. To guide others on their personal journeys of coming back to alignment with their true essence, knowing, and being. To provide a soft nurturing space for support, co-regulation, words of affirmation, compassion, empowerment, learning for evolution of self, vulnerability, and honesty.

To stay in my authenticity I mute my guidance when I am not in alignment or in a place of wellness myself. I honour my self care first so that I am in the right place to be able to give energy to you. I strive to teach from a place of embodiment so that what I am bringing forth is from a place of wellness.

If I am bringing teachings forward to the virtual sphere I try to be as transparent as possible. I share my own personal stories vulnerably so that others can feel held to do the same – to honour their authenticity.

I do not come from a place of being “better than” or “all knowing”. I instead come from a place that is informed by my own life experiences with depression, anxiety, trauma, physical and mental disability, abuse, disordered eating, and experiencing discrimination based on sexuality, mental health, body size, and more. Like anyone else, I am human and I am imperfect and I will have a lifetime of healing work to do.

As a white person it’s very important to me that what I do comes from a place of anti-racism and a place that is not culturally appropriative. If I am incorporating something that is from another culture, it means I have studied deeply within it and am bringing it forward with deep reverence, not reshaping it to fit my needs. For example, as someone who is a certified yoga instructor, it’s extremely important to me that I also teach in a way that is genuine and authentic to yoga as a spiritual practice of सनातन धर्म (Sanātana Dharma) as well as honouring its roots. I strive to ensure that it is not westernized white washed appropriation into a fitness class. I do not teach yoga if I feel I am not in alignment or not embodying ashtanga (each of the eight limbs).

As a queer neurodivergent (neuroqueer) person with disabilities who has studied and experienced trauma, I teach from a trauma informed place. My offerings come from the heart and are a place of acceptance of others. I work hard to ensure that what I offer is a space that practices anti-racism, anti-ableism, anti-homophobia/transphobia, anti-fatphobia, and more. I am still working on decolonizing my mindset and the way I offer things.

As I evolve, learn, and grow, so too does my business and the way I show up and teach within it. I recognize in the past what I have taught could have been harmful and perpetuated some of these things. I understand that in the future, these things could still be present (especially since I am a white person who benefits from a white supremacist world). If something doesn’t sit right for you, please call me in.

My work learning and practicing anti-racism and decolonization will never be done. I continue daily to do the work. I dedicate 1 hour a day minimum of my work day to continue my personal and professional growth. This includes updating my knowledge, taking classes and workshops, and more. If you’re curious what this work is, please send me an email and I can provide you with a list of learnings I’ve participated within.

While I hope that I create space that is welcoming for those who are BIPOC, I understand that I may not be the best guide for them since I do not have the first hand lived experience. That being said, as a form of reparations and acknowledgement of the Indigenous land I work on, those who are BIPOC get 15% off of my offerings.


↠ Transparency
↠ Vulnerability
↠ Boundaries
↠ Body Autonomy
↠ Consent
↠ Self Love
↠ Self Care
↠ Healing
↠ Embodiment
↠ Human Rights for All People

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