Community Gifts

Painting with multi coloured triangles as the background with the words "You Belong" on the front, surrounded by plants

Giving back to the community is important. While I try for all my offerings to have accessible options or a sliding scale, I also often do free gifts. You can see some current and past gifts below.


New Moon & Full Moon Playlists

With each New Moon and Full Moon I post playlists for those who want to have music and/or body movement as part of their connection to the moon energy. Each is curated to the specific energy of the moon and sign(s) at play. Click follow to stay up to date.


Sensory Safe Pride Yoga & Neuroqueer Community Care

This was a free community event for those who are Neuroqueer to come together for a low impact and sensory reduced yoga class followed by community care time in self love practices. This included free self care gifts. This event was able to happen thanks to Small Neighbourhood Grants.

Pride Self Love Mini Photoshoot Session

3 winners are offered a free 30 minute pride self love photoshoot. Click the title to be able to apply to win in the month of June 2022.

Free Community Yoga

In June I offered a free community yoga class at Gordon Neighbourhood House in downtown Vancouver’s West End. Current Summer Yoga in the Park is offered on a donation basis. My classes are Wednesday & Fridays at 12pm (noon).

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