Community Guidelines

If you’re in a FitnessWellnessMind space, whether a physical or virtual event, workshop, or personal guidance, you are asked to acknowledge and respect the following community guidelines:

This is a welcoming and loving space. All FitnessWellnessMind spaces are meant to be a space where all people are welcome and are able to be in a judgement free atmosphere.

What can you do? Approach conversation with curiosity. When judgement arises, ask yourself what part of yourself (insecurity) is being illuminated here and why is your ego present. Remind yourself that others do not have the same experiences as you. If you and someone else’s energy aren’t on the same plane, gravitate elsewhere.

Racism, ableism, queerphobia & transphobia, fatphobia, and further discriminatory behaviour are not toleratedNor is any form of abuse physically or mentally. This includes manipulative, toxic, and gaslighting behaviour. In these spaces we always believe the survivor on their lives experiences. We do not blame the victim. We do not judge, criticize, assert superiority over, or use experiences or triggers against someone.

What can you do? In your personal life be practicing anti-racism and decolonization, as well as unlearning any harmful behaviours towards others and yourself. Know your points of privilege and how this can affect how you show up in a space. Further your personal work on core wounds and insecurities that may arise because of those core wounds.

If you’re someone who experiences points of oppression and find others creating micro aggressions, please let Caitlin know.

If you are triggered please take a step back, notify a leader, ensure you are able to do what you need for self care. Do not leave without letting someone know, so we can ensure you’re okay and aren’t harming yourself by for example driving in a heightened emotional state.

Show up vulnerably. The true work cannot begin if you’re not willing to show up as your authentic self and be vulnerable. This includes respecting others vulnerability and lived experiences.

What can you do? Ensure you have the emotional supports in place so that you are able to be in your vulnerability. Do shadow work, learn your core wounds, and inner child work – or have the willingness to learn so that you can do better for yourself and others.

At a FitnessWellnessMind group event, these community guidelines will be present and we will also built upon them together so that we honour all who are in that space as well as honour what is important to everyone for the type of community we want to be cultivate.

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