Cyclical Living

We are part of nature and connecting to the cyclical way that it moves can help us to deepen our connection to our deepest self and our inner knowing.

These offerings all tie into
connecting to nature and cyclical cycles.

Moon Magic 101 Course

This is a beginners course for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of the moon movements and the energy of each phase so they can amplify their self care practices.

Seasonal Celestial Calendar
& Self Care Workbook

This calendar and workbook are about living your year based on the seasons and the moons movements. It interweaves self care prompts as you move with natures cycles.

An up close photograph of cherry blossoms on a tree branch
Words of Affirmation

“Caitlin ❤️ you are a true healer and an ascended soul…this is just the beginning…I can see that in you. Love you and sincerely appreciate your Angelic support and guidance. Thank you for the generosity of your soul ❤ You are a healer and an ascended lightworker who has achieved greatness on many levels. Your greatness comes in the form of development and mastery on the human level, as well as the soul level. You are simply amazing and I adore you  🌸

I highly appreciate that you are willing to share your wisdom, knowledge and gifts with those including me who are ready to receive the Divine guidance 🙏 Own it because you have it in you and I can see through. Believe in yourself and let yourself shine bright 🌞 “


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