Moon Teachings


Learn about the moon through my Moon Magic 101 Course.

This course is for beginners who want to learn
the 29.5 day moon cycle, each of the 8 phases, as well as how to cultivate each phase’s energy for their own personal self care practices.

This course consists of 10 online lessons that you can do in your own timing.

It’s offered in video, writing, and audio
for whatever your learning preference may be.

You are guaranteed access to learning materials for 1 year.

What you can expect to gain

⇸ In depth knowledge about the each moon phase,
what is happening in terms of astronomy,
knowledge on the movements of the moon,
such as waxing and waning, eclipses,
as well as the energy each of these things holds.

⇸ How to interweave your life with the moons movements
and cultivate its phases as tools for your own self care practice.

⇸ Suggested practices to learn what each phase means to you,
as well as inspiration for rituals for the new moon and full moon
for those who choose to celebrate.

⇸ Deeper connection with yourself and your energy.

⇸ Journal prompts and self reflection

..and more!

Take home tools

⇸ A digital moon cheat sheet that can be used on your phone or computer to easily check back on each energy until you know it off by heart.

⇸ Extra tool suggestions to help you keep track of the moon movements.


Lesson 1 – Introduction, Moon Symbolism/Movements, & Eclipses
Lesson 2 – New Moon
Lesson 3 – Crescent Moon
Lesson 4 – First Quarter Moon
Lesson 5 – Gibbous Moon
Lesson 6 – Full Moon
Lesson 7 – Disseminating Moon
Lesson 8 – Last Quarter Moon
Lesson 9 – Balsamic Moon
Lesson 10 – Moon Cycle Life Integration

Add Ons

⇸ 2023/2024 Moon Movements List:
A summary list of the moon movements for a year. Starting and ending at the Spring Equinox. This allows you to have all the moon phase dates for a year at a glance to easily add or program into your calendar.

⇸ 2023/2024 Cosmic Events List:
A summary list of cosmic events for a year. This includes: all moon phases and dates for a year, the astrological sign each new moon and full moon is in, astrological “seasons” start and end, solstices & equinoxes, any solar/lunar eclipses, as well as planetary retrogrades.

⇸ Accountability check-ins:
These are check-ins done via Instagram messages to serve as a reminder to keep up with the course. This can be done whether your flow is with the moon movements (~ every 3 days) or weekly. This is especially valuable if you have difficulty with object permanence and forget about something if you’re not seeing it.

⇸ Follow Up Questions:
This allows for one follow up question with me per module via Instagram messaging. This means one question by you to me and one answer.


TBD, likely ranging between $30 – 45 CAD, plus any additional add ons.

Limited scholarships will be available for those in need.

The course itself can be done whenever works best for you but I recommend starting lesson 2 with the New Moon (the first phase of a moon cycle) and working every few days.
This way you can learn about each moon phase as you’re in it.

This system wont be ideal for everyone but don’t worry,
you can learn in any style you prefer and revisited what you’ve learned
with the start of the next moon cycle in the future.

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