Wellness Guidance

Trauma informed holistic wellness guidance for your healing journey. Empowering your self care through various methods.


Tarot and oracle card readings, with a personal choice between 5 decks and various reading types/lengths.


Whether in person in so-called Vancouver or globally online, you can find links to events here.


Learn about things such as reconnecting with nature, moon cycles, and more. This includes courses as well as calendars and workbooks.

A journal with drawings and writing on a desk next to a jar full of pencil crayons

Self Love Portraits

As a gift and celebration of yourself you can do a self love portrait to capture who you are in this moment.


Learn more about my offerings of reiki, the practice, and help me train.

Yoga Spiritual Practice

Learn more about the history of the yogic practice and the 8 limbs of yoga, as well as my background in yoga and the importance of the spiritual practice (not cultural appropriation).


Learn more about all upcoming workshops.

Community Gifts

I offer free gifts to the community often as a way to give back ranging in playlists, self love mini photoshoots, body movement, giveaways, yoga classes, and more!

Learn More About

Words of Affirmation

“Caitlin ❤️ you are a true healer and an ascended soul…this is just the beginning…I can see that in you. Love you and sincerely appreciate your Angelic support and guidance. Thank you for the generosity of your soul ❤ You are a healer and an ascended lightworker who has achieved greatness on many levels. Your greatness comes in the form of development and mastery on the human level, as well as the soul level. You are simply amazing and I adore you  🌸

I highly appreciate that you are willing to share your wisdom, knowledge and gifts with those including me who are ready to receive the Divine guidance 🙏 Own it because you have it in you and I can see through. Believe in yourself and let yourself shine bright 🌞 “


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