Pricing Guide

My offerings are given on a scale to allow people to give from their abundance and to receive abundance when they need renewal. I want my offerings to be open to all.

I myself know too well what it’s like to not be able to afford the things that I know would help me in my journey of self care and healing. I have experienced financial hardship, debt, and housing difficulties. As a disabled person, I also have experienced how the system works against those with points of oppression. I was very lucky to have some people who helped me along the way and I now ensure I can do the same for others.

It’s important to recognize the damage of class and how oppressive systems in our society, including but not limited to capitalism and white supremacy, are harmful and perpetuate a lack of self care resources, especially for those who are not in a place of privilege.

No one’s mental health and wellbeing should have to be ignored simply because they cannot afford the resources to empower them on their journeys. And no one should feel guilty about asking for help or unworthy of receiving help. Knowing that these harmful systems perpetuate oppression and supremacy, I hope for my pricing model to break away from toxic capitalist structures and allow access and peace of mind.

Additionally as a small way to counteract these toxic systems at play and to encourage more BIPOC joy in the world, all BIPOC individuals get 15% off my services and free entry for certain events. Please message on Instagram or email to get your discount code.

My offerings are on a give-what-you-can basis, with 4 different categories of giving, as well as support fund/scholarship opportunities and free resources.

Giving from Abundance

Being in this place means that you have no financial worries; you easily pay your bills and easily afford anything extra you desire. Your monetary abundance is overflowing and you’re happy to give from that abundance.

Giving from

Being in this place means that you’re in a comfortable place with your finances. You’re abundant enough to pay your bills and have extra to afford a few of the things that you’d like. You can seek out those extra things and pay within your means but are mindful not to over spend and cannot afford everything you’d like.

Giving from

Being in this place means that you aren’t comfortable in your finances. You barely cover the necessities or need assistance. You may be unsure of where your next pay will come from, receiving assistance, on disability, a struggling freelancer, etc. Instead you are paying what you can and bringing your energy. Offerings at this level are at a significant discount and you’re committed to showing up and being present.

Giving from

Being in this place means that you want to be able to give but do not have the means to do so, instead you’re giving in spirit, with your energy and by being present and committed to your self care journey. With the intention that you will pay it forward to the community when you have the abundance to do so.

Specifically, you may need help with basic necessities. You may not have a home, stable food sources, etc. You may be in debt that is growing or you may be experiencing unemployment, bankruptcy, etc.

This form of giving is funded from my Support Fund that others living in abundance can donate to.

Please respect this entrance as if you had paid from abundance. If you receive free entrance from the Support Fund and do not show up, you will not be able to gain access again.

This is a trust based system and only works
if people are honest and truthful.

If this system isn’t in place for certain offerings it is because this system is being abused and/or there are specific expenses that must be covered such as accommodations, catering, etc. for workshops. If the tiered system isn’t present, there will always be scholarship opportunities.

Additional Giving

Giving /
Support Fund

If you’re financially abundant and would like to support someone else receiving funding into an event, you can donate to the Support Fund (there will always be this option during event check out). Alternatively you can also purchase a gift certificate for someone you care about.

Any unused value left in the support fund at the end of the year will be donated to the Vancouver Black and Indigenous Care Fund.

If you’d like to donate now versus waiting for an event, you can e-transfer with the answer being Support Fund or you can send money via paypal.


If you need compassionate giving (full financial support) you can apply for a scholarship for bigger events such as workshops and classes. When there are bigger events, there will be an option to apply for a scholarship into the program.

Free Resources

A lot of my offerings are free. You can find free video resources on some of my social media pages:

You can find resources for your mental health and own personal growth through external sources I recommend here:

I do not charge for meditations as doing so is against Hindu practice. Capitalizing on meditation is an example of ways in which white peoples have stolen spiritual practice and appropriated it to benefit them. If I receive monetary value from meditation it is always donation based, or it is from it being one part of a much bigger event.

No one is turned away for lack of funds.
If you have questions, or know a way I can
be more inclusive, please reach out

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