Having a list of resources only a click away can be helpful, especially in times of overwhelm, burnout, and mental health emergencies. I hope these resources can help you in your self care journey, even if I am not working with you directly.

A lot of the resources on this page are for people in Vancouver, British Columbia, and/or Canada. There is a list at the bottom specifically for worldwide resources.

Please note this list is still being built.
More resources will be coming.

FitnessWellnessMind Resources

Free/Low Cost Counselling

BIPOC Resources

Trans Resources

Queer Resources

Neurodivergent Resources

Anti-Racism Resources

Decolonization Resources

Residential School Survivor Resources

Eating Disorder Resources

Abuse Resources

Help Numbers (Canada)

Mental Health Resources Worldwide

Have a resource recommendation?

*Please note while all suggestions are appreciated, they may not always be added

Do you know personally any of these resources are problematic or not helpful?
Please let me know so they can be reviewed/removed.

I want to ensure all resources provided are actually helpful to the specific groups of people they are serving. Your feedback helps me to keep these resources safe.

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