Self Love Portraits

Did you know that Caitlin, the founder of FitnessWellnessMind is also a professional photographer?

Specializing in photos connecting to nature and the essence of who someone is, candid and curated in their vulnerability whether in joy, transformations, or sadness.

Portraits can be a deeply meaningful way to celebrate yourself.

A simply gift to yourself. A celebration of who you are in the moment. Capturing a time of transformation whether it’s just beginning, you’re in the midst of it, or you’re seeing the culmination of your efforts. Connecting deeply to your emotions, showing your vulnerability even during hard times.

Whatever your reason may be, I seek to help bring your vision to life as I use the poetry of photography to document you in these special moments of your life and to bear witness to it.

These portraits are meant to be genuine and raw, moving beyond the need to prove something to others but instead to connect more deeply with the love we give ourselves. No forced fake smiles, no pressure to look a certain way. Show up as you are fully into a loving and judgement free space. Your emotions are valid and welcome.

Are you trans and want to celebrate gender affirming surgery? Have you be doing lots of self love work and are in a place where you want to express that? Are in you a place where you’ve healed internalized fatphobia and want to celebrate your fat body? Do you want to capture yourself in moments of joy, connecting to nature?

Whatever you want to connect to – you deserve to celebrate the unique and beautiful person you are. I am honoured to be part of that journey.


Offered in so-called Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; self love photoshoots can be done in 30 minute, 1 hour, or a day trip session, in the outdoors or a special spot of your choosing (such as your home or a place that makes you feel deeply connected to yourself).

30 Minute Session ⇸ Great for one location with a primary focus.
Guarantee 30 professional photos edited for colouring
$75 – $100 +possible rental or travel costs, if applicable

60 Minute Session ⇸ Great for varied backgrounds in one location, polar dips or other activities that connect you to your joy and self love.
Guarantee 60 professional photos edited for colouring
$100 – 125 +possible rental or travel costs, if applicable

Day Trip ⇸ Great for travel or hikes to a specific special spot.
Guarantee 200+ professional photos edited for colouring
$250+ dependant on travel costs

Not within your budget?
Let me know your budget and we can discuss what may be possible within that range.

Looking for a different time bracket?
Let me know your idea!


What To Expect On The Day

Before we begin, we will bring in mindfulness to the present moment together by connecting hands and closing our eyes (if you’re comfortable doing so) while I guide us through breath work and somatic exercise.

We will connect back to your vision and intentions and I will work with what helps you to feel comfortable and empowered as we move through the photoshoot. Using any additional things you chose to help you to feel love for yourself such as a playlist as well as saying any affirmations you may have provided for me.

My Style

Your body, exactly as it is, doesn’t need to change. Your cellulite and stretch marks and scars do not need to disappear.

I am a big believer in healing from internalized fatphobia. My practices seek to ensure that each photoshoot is a space where you can feel comfortable in who you are and to be a support in your self love.

I don’t edit/change bodies in any photographs. I do not give fatphobic recommendations such as what to wear to look skinnier. If you’re seeking guidance on what to wear my answer is: whatever makes you feel most beautiful, most like yourself, and feels like a great expression of the person you are.

These photos are meant to be a special focus on accepting yourself exactly as you are in the moment and celebrating a snapshot of your life. If you find you’re still struggling with self love and are hoping these photos will change the way you view yourself I encourage you to look inward. The love and validation you seek will not be found in an external source but from yourself. Read “The Body Is Not An Apology” by Sonya Renee Taylor if you’re looking for support in this healing process or reach out for wellness guidance.

Please note while the photo examples on this page lack diversity, I have diverse examples in other styles of photographs. I welcome all body types, skin colours, etc.

The Process

• You’ll be given an online question form to fill out so I can get to know more about your vision, intentions, and desires.

• A quote will be given based on your desired photoshoot time.

• We will mutually decide on a date and time for the photoshoot.

• 25% of the total photoshoot will be due as a deposit to save this spot.

• You will sign a photograph waiver/release.

• You’ll collect and share photos that you love as well as photos that show aesthetically what you desire the photographs to be (if you have a specific look in mind). Note: if this is vastly not aligned with my style of photography I may refer you elsewhere.

• Before the photoshoot, we may have a short 15 minute video call.

• We meet on the scheduled day and time for the duration decided. 75% of the total photoshoot amount is due prior to beginning.

• Post photoshoot you can expect a 1-2 week turn around before you receive the final edited photographs via Google Drive. You will be given 1 month of time to download the photographs onto your devices before they’re removed from Google Drive.



Waiver/Release: A photo waiver and release form is mandatory before all photoshoots. This includes all legal details such as that I retain all copyright to the photographs, this means they are in my ownership. You’re given release for personal use purposes only (this means these photographs cannot be sold, used in competition, or submitted to a publication without my consent). It also details that I am allowed to use the photographs for my own use. If you have issues with them being shared online this must be discussed prior to booking.

Deposit & Payment: Upon booking 25% of the photoshoot price will be due to secure your spot and as payment for all the preparation work done. This deposit is non-refundable. The other 75% will be due on the day of the photoshoot. If you’re paying via cash it must be brought to the photoshoot and given prior to beginning. If you’re paying debit you can send an e-transfer before arriving to the photoshoot. Ensure to take a screenshot of this incase it is not received by me beforehand. If you’re paying by credit card it can be processed via Paypal before arrival or Square reader in person.

Postponement/Cancellation: A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given before the photoshoot to rebook in case of illness. If you re-book more than once you will forfeit your deposit and will owe a new deposit that is 25% of the total photoshoot price prior to booking. Cancellation of the photoshoot must be done with a minimum of 1 months notice.

Refunds: If you’ve pre-paid in full and given 1 months notice cancellation, you will receive 75%-100% back dependant on how much preparation was done by me. I do not offer refunds after the photoshoot has been done except in case of natural disaster resulting in loss of photographs before I can provide you with the final results. If you have received the final edited photographs then I have already done all the work and invested my time into bringing these photos to fruition. Photographs and how we feel about ourselves in photographs is subjective. For this reason, I do not give a satisfaction guarantee.

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