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Wellness Guidance

Our wellness is how we are able to care for ourselves through our life on this Earth. We are taught to be disconnected from our emotions and bodies which creates dis-ease in our lives which can lead to physiological manifestations of our suppression and disconnection.

My wellness guidance aims to bring you deeper into your connection to self as well as your acceptance, love, and celebration of self. This offering is woven through self care, healing, and growth practices that honour ourself, our connection to nature, and the energy that lives inside of us. Each session is meant as a space of support and nurturing on your journey.

My guidance sessions honour you as a whole instead of compartmentalizing your wellness. You are the creator of your own journey and we listen to your bodies innate wisdom to guide our sessions so that you’re tuning into whatever you are being called to in the moment versus sticking to a rigid structure that may not serve you in the moment.

Why Guide and Not Coach?

Guidance to me means that I am by your side, supporting and empowering you in your journey and knowing. You have everything that you need for your own wellness and healing within you. You are not “missing” something, you’re not “unwell”, there is nothing wrong with you.

You are the person who knows best for you and you are whole exactly as you are in this moment. My process is not to override that innate wisdom but instead to help you/remind you to connect with it so that you can be deeply connected with yourself on your self growth journey.

I chose a word that for me doesn’t represent a hierarchy but a peer. I am not better than you, I am not all knowing (I am human and imperfect), and the tools I have learned through my educations and personal lived experience are things that exist inside you too. I am simply the conduit that helps you to access these parts of yourself.

How Wellness Guidance Works

Before any sessions are started I honour a holistic approach by trying to learn about you as a whole individual through a detailed questionnaire. This allows me to know more deeply the things that impact your wellness such as intersectionality and learning styles as well as what your vision and intentions are for sessions. What you decide to share is up to you, but the deeper the detail means the deeper my understanding is of your essence and current wellness.

Sessions are designed together, focusing on what you’re currently being called to connect to (I can help identify this if you’re unsure). Often it’s a focus on your current energy/calling, my intuitive messaging, and connecting to your intention and vision.

Each session honours your autonomy, agency, and consent.

What a Session Could Include

Each session is one hour and it is unique to you. What is woven into each can be based on what you’re being called to. Often sessions can include or hold some (not all) of the following:

Validation of your emotional experiences and self care reminders, a listening ear, a walk in nature, core wound identification/healing, breathing exercises, journalling practice, body movement, creativity/art therapy, embodiment/grounding exercises, inner child work, meditation, shadow/ego work, yoga spiritual practice, honouring and trusting your bodies innate wisdom, space to feel emotions with support, reiki, intuitive messages, oracle card pulls, and more.

What each session includes is a discussion we have and something we build together.

In Person & Online

Caitlin offers in person sessions with individuals looking to bring more of a focus to their wellness. Currently she offers one-to-one in person sessions within so-called Vancouver. This includes Squamish, the lower mainland, as well as the Fraser Valley with an additional travel charge ranging from $2 – 10.

To ensure comfort and a safe space, sessions can be in your own home. But when possible, Caitlin prefers to integrate sessions with a connection to nature (and thus ourselves) by being outdoors, or at a mutual meeting place such as a cafe.

Caitlin also offers sessions online through Zoom or for Neurodivergent folks who have difficulty with on-the-spot communication it can be done through various text methods, such as email.

She is in Pacific Time Zone. While not all time zones differences may work, they are always open to discussing alternative methods.


Often times we don’t find our guides, they come into our lives when we are ready for them. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re in a place where you’re deeply wanting to live in alignment with yourself in a space of love, nurturing, and healing. And if what I am saying resonates and you’re feeling called to what I can offer and the energy I provide, then there is a reason for that too. If I do not resonate for you, there will be someone else out there who will, and they will come when they’re meant to, be patient and continue to bring in self care. You can always access the resources page [coming soon] to dive into more learning.


Connection Exploration

When working on our wellbeing, it’s extremely important to feel a good connection with the people we are asking for guidance. This is an offering of 30 minutes where we discuss the work I do, where you’re currently at, and you intentions.

$30 / $20 / $10

Wellness Guidance

This offering is 60 minutes (1 hour) where I offer my wellness guidance. A session is based on where you are energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. It can combine different practices and mediums within it to best uplift you in your wellness journey as outlined above.

$125 / $75 / $25

Cyclical Support

When we are forming new habits, learning new things, and really trying to create growth in our lives, having support regularly is important. Cyclical support is a package of six 60 minute (1 hour each) sessions, at a discounted rate (1 free session) because I truly believe that accountability and support are the best ways to empower someone on their healing journey.

$625 / $375 / $100

There are three displayed prices because my offerings are given on a scale based on someones financial circumstances. I offer pricing as giving from abundance, from comfort, from energy, and from spirit (which is free).

To learn more about the scale, head to

Book Now

If you’re interested in booking a session with Caitlin for Wellness Guidance, you can fill out this form or email fitnesswellnessmind@gmail.com. Please note that as a neurodivergent and an anti-hustle culture person, a response can take up to a week.

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